• Design compatto
  • Sensore PIR e Illuminatore LED incorporato
  • Microfono e Speaker incorporato
  • EasyConfig for Easy Set Up and GUI Integration
  • Micro SD/ SDHC Memory Card Slot
  • MPEG-4, MJPEG and H.264 Triplo Codec Compressione
  • 802.11b/g/n Wireless Connectivity(WCB-100A)
  • WPS Supported for Easy Wireless Network Setup (WCB-100A)

The compact Brickcom CB-100A cube network series offers a high quality, video surveillance solution for residences and small businesses. Unlike a general webcam, this camera series is a standalone surveillance system that does not need to be connected to a computer. EasyLinkTM is a feature of the CB-100A camera which allows for users to simply plug in the camera to any home or small business network and play the video.
  • This camera series offers a user-friendly and unique design which allows anyone without a technical background to use it. It features live video feed and two-way audio which can be used over a local area network (LAN), through any internet browser, or via any 3G mobile device. The wireless capability makes it easy to mount on any surface. The CB- 100A features many cutting edge functions and its fashionable, streamline design make it the perfect additional for any home or office.
    Because of its many advanced features, the CB-100A has many versatile applications. Users can easily monitor the safety of their family members, pets, office, valuables, and property.
    Pet Monitor:

    The motion detection feature can be used to create forbidden areas in the home which the pet should not enter when the owner is away. If the camera records the pet entering the region, a recorded message can be programmed to play and the owner will be notified via email or MMS.
    Residence Monitor:

    Home owners worry about their house and property when they are away. The CB-100A has a built-in PIR sensor which can detect unauthorized movement in a residence. Once movement is detected, the illumination LED will be triggered and an alert with a snapshot can be emailed or sent through an MMS to the user's portable device.
    Elderly and Child Care:

    A high concern for many people is the safety of elderly relatives and small children. Users can use the CB-100A camera to ensure the safety of their loved ones by use of the live view and intercom functions.
    Small Office Surveillance:

    Security systems for small offices can be expensive and difficult to install and maintain. With the EasyConfig software, the CB-100A can easily be installed and configured by anyone without extensive technical knowledge. The video can be reviewed remotely so business owners can monitor office safety and employee productivity at all times.